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DR Congo

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is a large country in Central Africa. Two-thirds of the republic is covered in tropical rainforest. Aside from lush forests and savannas, the environment is characterized by numerous jungle rivers. There are innumerable animal and plant species in Africa’s largest remaining rainforest areas; the DR Congo alone is home to 1,600 different species of butterflies, more than any other country on the planet. Above all, travelers are drawn to primates: in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you may walk and witness mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park, as well as Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega National Park. Tchegera Island in Lake Kivu is a great place to unwind.

A three-day Nyiragongo Hike is available for those who are feeling adventurous. It had been an active volcano for a long time and had last erupted in 2002, although it did erupt again in 2021.

The Democratic Republic of Congo offers one-of-a-kind experiences and highlights for your once-in-a-lifetime trip.


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